Welcome to Uswa Textiles

Uswa Textiles is a leading manufacturer of Thermal Blankets, Towels and bathrobes. Getting incorporated in 2010, the company started its operations in narrow width bleaching, dyeing and finishing of apparel fabric. In 2011, it developed its first 100% cotton blanket. Following that, it worked on different versions of blankets. In year 2012, the company worked on developing the softest towel and successfully achieved best softness and water absorbance in its terry products. In addition to above, the company had developed the best possible softness in polyester/cotton blend of high thread quality fabric to give sheeting a soft, silky and luxurious touch.

We are pretty aware that quality production is not possible without high tech machines and skilled personnel. We have integrated ourselves vertically. Our manufacturing capability includes weaving, knitting, processing and stitching. It is the mission of Uswa Textiles to:

1. Honor our commitments, especially regarding required quality and on-time shipments.
2. Enrich the wealth of our customers by providing them the best possible service, building long-term relationships through open communication and sharing the market intelligence.
3. Enrich the wealth of our shareholders, workers and community.